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New website for Copenhagen Forever

We are working hard to finish our new website
Details will be coming up soon.

Copenhagen Forever on BBC WORLD

We are thrilled to have contributed to the BBC WORLD documentary HORIZON about the future of global business.

To watch it go to episode 11, part 4 on BBC World Website


Workshop at the Roskilde Festival . A music festival that takes place in Denmark during one week in the summer every year.
100.000 people gather in big camps around the festival and thereby make it the 5th biggest city in Denmark.

Roskilde Forever wishes to focus the attention of the participants on all the waste left behind at the end of the festival. Our first project attempts to show the potential in reusing and recycling the material from tents, sleeping bags and mats.

During the festival this summer we made a sewing workshop where people could come by and make one of our designs or get help to develop their own ideas. Everything was made out of recycled festival material.

- Lovers Rain-cape (double hooded rain cape made from Roskilde Festival tents)

- Share my Shade hat (1 meter diameter hat, that gives shade to you and all your friends).

- Camp Post Box (post box for sending snail mail to all your new friends)

Thank you to all the people who came by and made this a fun experience and especially to the volunteers Joanna Gasparski, Mika Katarina Zaluha Friis Pedersen, Anne Dorthe Vester, Ditte Marie Nørgaard Andersen and Camilla Lagerbon.



Absolutely thrilled to be participating in a documentary by BBC world about the future.
We spend the day filming the process and production of the (Hi)Story of a Lamp.

Fantasy Design in Community

Book on design education for children and young people. Happy to have contributed with the article Sustainable Material Design.
The book is published by the Finish Design Museo


Off to the Design Museum in Gent, Belgium to give a lecture and hold a workshop about processes for sustainable design education. Part of the conference and exhibition organised by Fantasy Design


We are very happy to have started collaboration with Roskilde Festival.
The festival every year gathers more than a 100.000 people and thereby it is the 5th biggest city in Denmark...

The aim is to use recycled material from the festival to create new products.

Check out the program of the festival this summer at

Copenhagen Forever goes to prison

We have started a new collaboration with the Danish Prison and Probation Service.

How can design be used as driver for change in the workshops of the Danish prisons? The first challenge is changing the workshop in the Copenhagen based prison Herstedvester in to a screen-printing workshop that can take on smaller graphic and artistic productions.


Txema has done it again!

Very grateful, thank you!

Forever is moving fast forward and there is no way things could have come this far without the incredible support of great designers and volunteers that have helped with both Copenhagen and Barcelona Forever.

Thank you Txema Hernandez, Kristine Makarova, Ana Rodríguez de Lizana, Anke Pasold, Alejandra Parraguez, Isak Foged, Pablo Cunningham, Nick Adam, Carlos Prieto, Søren Bak-Andersen, Joanna Gasparski and everybody else who have jumped in your work clothes to help with practical issues or given good advice.

Thank you to the funds, organisations and private companies that has supported the project financially and also in many cases with indispensable knowledge.



Launching new lamp in 100% recycled plastic developed in collaboration with The Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

With this product we wish to draw attention to the poor facilities for plastic recycling in Denmark. The first 20 prototypes were published for the campaign against waste, an event organized by the society every spring.

The lamp is produced in Denmark. The cord is halogen free custom made in Sweden and the lamp can of course be recycled when it is no longer wanted. Next step is getting this lamp on the market!!

See photos of the lamp under The (Hi)story of a Lamp
Articles about the lamp:




The studio will for the next couple of years be based in Copenhagen.


The first 5 notebooks in a series of 20 are in the shops.

Check out the images under Barcelona Forever notebooks
Each book carries a graphic interpretation of an element found in the city of Barcelona. On the inner cover there is an explanation of the story of the element, and a map that indicates where one can find it.
In this way the books become alternative guides to stories and places in the city of Barcelona

The sketchbooks follow the Forever strategy. Which means that they are made from 100% recycled paper and they are 100% recyclable. The books are printed using organic ink and produced and sold in Barcelona.

The selling points are:

  • Caixa Forum Laia
  • CCCB Laia
  • Galeria Ras
  • L'appartement
  • La Central MACBA
  • La Central Museu D'Historia
  • La Central Mallorca
  • La Central del Raval
To download the Forever Design Strategy go to the Barcelona Forever website


Copenhagen Forever goes to COP15
07.12.2009 - 18.12.2009

14.12.2009 at COP15
Very exited to be here. City is full of life and cool people from all over the world!

20.12.2009 COP15, Resume from the official conference:
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:-( Mette.

Barcelona Forever on Facebook

You can now follow Barcelona Forever on Facebook

Global Eco Forum

The Forever Design Strategy was presented in Pecha Kucha at the Global Eco Forum in Barcelona.
All speakers received a tree from tree-nation, so now there is a Barcelona Forever tree growing in Niger.....Maybe we should make a Niger Forever?


Back in Barcelona

After two months in fast forward mode in Copenhagen I am back in Barcelona.
The National Workshops for Arts and Craft was a great place to work!
The material focus has mainly been on wood fibres form pressed with natural glues, recycled glass from wine bottles, bicycle inner tubes and bio-plastics.
The designer Alejandra Parraguez joined Copenhagen Forever and made some fun material experiments with bicycle tubes. Anke Pasold, who was participating in the start up of Barcelona Forever last year, created the base for a 6 month research program and exhibition about the Forever Strategy.
Furthermore we have started collaboration with the The Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

In Barcelona Forever we are focusing on getting the first products on the market; - hope to see them out before Christmas. We are also working on the next Barcelona Forever event; - I will post more information about this shortly.


Check out some of the articles that have been published about the Forever projects:

Treehugger on Barcelona Forever

Copenhagen Mayor with Copenhagen Forever (in Danish)

Treehugger on Copenhagen Forever start up

Forever project on Link Up (in Danish)

Sustainable cities on Copenhagen Forever

Copenhagen Forever at the National Workshops for Arts and Craft.

Very happy to announce that Copenhagen Forever has been given residency at the National Workshops of Arts and Craft.
I will be there during July and August to make the first material experiments and prototypes for Copenhagen Forever.

New Danish phone number is 0045 29 88 27 44


Forever goes to Copenhagen

During our stay in Copenhagen we had very some interesting meetings with The Danish Society for Nature Conservation; Klaus Bondam, Mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration Copenhagen; Waste Centre Denmark; the architects Anke and Isak, without whom the Forever concept never would have started, and not least, the interesting people we met at BIG's Friday afternoon bar from Sustainable Cities; Link-up and the Survival Academy.

We are moving `fast forward` and hoping to establish good working relationships with organizations, private companies and public institutions in Copenhagen.

The next step is finding some interesting waste or by-products from which to create the first prototypes. I will be in Copenhagen during July and August to create these.

Apart from this we are looking for funds to support our research, including a lifecycle analysis of waste and by-products in Copenhagen. This will focus on possible new materials for recycling and the designs and that could be created from them. This should provide the basis for a design exhibition aiming to inform and involve the citizens of Copenhagen in recycling, whilst also serving as an open information source and an inspiration for architects and designers.

If you would like to participate or receive more information about Copenhagen Forever, please contact us.


Next stop Copenhagen

The first steps towards creating Copenhagen Forever have been taken.
During the coming months we will be investigating the material available from industry and citizens of Copenhagen and meeting with possible colaborators.
The plan is to make the first prototypes during the summer.
If you with your company or as person are interested in participating or if you would just like to receive more information, please contact us.

I will be in Copenhagen next from the 27th to the 30th of May.